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The O&P website and blog, forums, and wiki are where most of my new writing on M/s appears. The IE website will stay online indefinitely to host the IE Essays and lili's writings.

Jon Jacobs

This page collects links to information about Jon Jacobs, a highly influential but dangerously predatory individual.

"Jacobs" and his partner "Polly" repeatedly use different online aliases (which are sometimes made to talk to each other in the same forum, as "sock puppets") The name "Jon Jacobs" itself may be a play on the children's rhyme "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" which deals with multiple or mistaken identities ("John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, / His name is my name too. / Whenever we go out, / The people always shout / There goes John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt!") and "Polly Peachum" is a character in both the 18th century "Beggar's Opera" and 20th century "Threepenny Opera" (in which her father is J. J. Peachum, and her lover is Mack the Knife.)

Jacobs' online activity can be divided into 6 approximate phases: use of dial-in bulletin board systems, including SOBnet (part of Fido-net) in the 1980's; use of Compuserve forums until the early to mid-1990's; participation in lengthy TPE debates in until 1996; participation in private email lists c1997-1999 - in particular, via Polly, the Latches mailing list; co-moderation / control of the ISO-TPE-Partners mailing list May 2000 - Jan 2001; retreat into a private Smartgroup, under his own direct control, Jan 2001 to his death on 14th November 2004.

From about 1996, Jacobs also published via his Submissive Women Speak website, and in 2000 ran various chatrooms on, and then on in 2001.

Submissive Women Speak
( went offline early in 2003, but came back in October as
Jacobs' own website, which has recently become an independent site rather than a subsection of Gloria Brame's. The bulk of the writings are under the names "Polly Peachum", "Countess Velveeta" and "Rosie". Jacobs' and his submissive (who it is convenient to call Polly) maintain the fiction that these are separate individuals, when in fact they are all Polly. posts to c.1995-6
Including Re: The Abbreviated JJ - a summary of his position in December 1995.

Submissives Co-Op
A reality-based TPE site, with several contributors who had previous dealings with Jacobs. The site includes several essays discussing him directly:

Comments by Karl Kleinpaste
Critical comments from Kleinpaste in 1999.

Beware "Good" Counseling?
A negative experience with Jacob's counselling from 1997.

"Jon Jacobs & Polly Peachum: Marketing the Myth of Reality" by yielding

Molly's Forest
A personal ad site which claims to be for a submissive called "Molly" However, interested Doms are requested to contact Jacobs. "Molly's" site is notable for containing a copyright violation against Internal Enslavement: Opposition to Absolute Power Exchange is a word for word copy of Opposition to Enslavement (In some ways I am saddened to see Jacobs and his followers reduced to plagiarism these days, but I am not altogether suprised.)

Another personal ad site which claims to be for a submissive called Riki. Jacobs uses the address and this site features one of Jacobs' tell-tale money making ploys: the submissive needs money for medical treatment, and can only be approached through Jacobs...

Gloria Brame's report of Jacobs' death
Jacobs' died on Sunday, November 14th after a long illness. I wrote a brief obituary on the IE website a few days later.

Last updated 2 December 2004.

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