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The Great British Pastime?

Posted by lili on Mon 7 May 07, 9:57 AM

Yep - moaning.

Is it just me or does there seem to be more than the usual amount of "whingy" threads on IC lately?

Take, for example, the threads started in response to IC becoming slow (5 no less!) Compare this then, if you would, to the number of threads started since IC's been running super-fast again (you guessed it - big fat 0.)

i've come to the conclusion this may be just down to the British national pastime - moaning, which, initially i had thought as a bad thing, but blow me - apparently not!

According to an article in the Guardian "A right good moan", it's actually a good thing!

Infact, in response to Gregg Dyke's (Director General of the BBC) attack on moaning at the BBC, the article states:

"We can be confident that his employees will carry on moaning as much as they ever did. They need to. It keeps them cheerful, and it fosters a spirit of worker solidarity. The more they moan, the more contented they will feel"

So there we have it, the moany threads may very well be keeping everyone cheerful and happy (who would have guessed it!?)

lili x

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