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Sharp pointy things

Posted by lili on Sun 2 Dec 07, 12:07 PM

Tags: sharps

After what seems like an eternity popi and i have ventured out twice now in less than 4 weeks.

Our first adventure was a trip to Purrr and despite expecting to recognise hardly anyone it was a wonderful surprise to see so many familiar faces. We spent a simply wonderful night chatting with some fabulous people, watching some fantastic scenes and playing with ropes, staples, ribbons and knives (what more could a girl want?)

Our second trip out was a little closer to home - the SMDykes play party. Although i wasn't surprised this time to see so many familiar faces, i was surprised how great it was to catch up with friends i haven't seen for ages - from the moment we walked through the door it felt like no time at all had passed since the last time we were all together.

i was glad to see that the venue and equipment hadn't changed too much (i really like the whole atmosphere of an underground "chamber") and they have some really cool equipment to play with. i was thrilled, however, to see the addition of not one but two electric hoists!! My hands were decidedly itchy for ropes, but with a will of iron i managed to resist on this occasion ;-)

i had plans for sharp pointy things, in particular a sutured corset (similar to this: except with sutured rings instead of piercings.) Although it's by no means the first time i've used sutures, it was the first time i've combined them with rings to form a corset and i must admit i was extremely pleased with the result (and i don't just mean aesthetically!)

Knives are my latest love - the feel of soft, pliant skin underneath a blade, the control required to move the blade with just the right amount of speed and pressure, the "edginess" of it is just fantastic (and i'm hooked!)

My thanks go to everyone both at purrr and SMDykes for making our adventures so wonderful, but my special thanks have to go to popi (for being such fun, for being a great friend and for loving sharp pointy things as much as she does) and to Tanos for being willing to share some of his most prized possessions with me ;-)

(Sometimes it really is just great being me!)

lili x

Edited Wed 26 Dec 07, 1:23 PM by lili

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