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The O&P website and blog, forums, and wiki are where most of my new writing on M/s appears. The IE website will stay online indefinitely to host the IE Essays and lili's writings. lili and I pursued our M/s relationship from 2000 to 2008, and lili has kindly given her permission for these essays and posts to remain here, in the hope that submissives and slaves will continue to be helped and inspired by them.

lili: the strong, silent type?

Posted by lili on Fri 2 Apr 04, 6:29 PM

Well, maybe not too strong, but i usually am very much the "silent" type. In all our play situations i've never really been given to making much noise. i'm pretty sure i grimance quite a bit and i think i might even be given to muttering (or even cursing) under my breath in certain circumstances, but i've never been one for screaming - until recently that is.

Tanos's latest invention involves 2 chains, a metal bar, and the violet (or should that be "violent") wand and - of course poor lil'ol me.

Standing on tip toes astride a bar that's likely to give you a shock in parts best not shocked (if you ask me anyway) should you so much as blink the wrong way is not my idea of fun - although, i'm told its pretty hilarious by someone ;)

Anyway, needless to say it's only taken Tanos 4 years to find something to make me scream - and boy am i making up for it now :-)

(i like it really - honest i do!)

Edited Sat 3 Apr 04, 7:44 AM by lili

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