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Thoughts on piercings and other stuff...

Posted by lili on Mon 28 Jun 04, 8:43 AM

Tags: sharps

Well - i'm now the proud bearer of 3 new piercings (2 inner labia and 1 vertical clit hood) and 10 days on i'm pleased to say they are healing very nicely - infact so nicely that i've started cycling again this weekend (which is pretty good going if i do say so myself)!

i have to say that doing those piercings has to rank up there as "one of the most erotic things i've ever done to myself so far" (not one of the most erotic things i've ever had done TO me i hasten to add ;) )

It also gave me a few things to think about.

As far as S/m goes i struggle with calling myself a masochist (since 99.9% of the pain i enjoy has to be delivered in a D/s context for it to transform into the wonderfully freeing, hedonistic experience it so often becomes). So it always seems somehow not quite right for me to rank myself as a masochist (i certainly don't consider myself in the same league as others i've seen who enjoy playing hard). However, if i am brutally honest with myself there are aspects of pain (particularly pain endurance) which i find myself drawn to for more obscure reasons.

As far as psychology goes i'd say i'm as well adjusted as a submissive can get. i'm certainly more than cabable of analysing and controlling (or at the very least understanding) my drives, and motivations. i'm certainly not crazy (although i'm sure there would be plenty of people in "vanilladom" who may disagree - whatever -) i still think that there is something fascinating about seeing a needle pass through flesh not least from a purely aesthetic point of view. Infact, of the few things i would consider inflicting on another woman aesthetics, rather than domination, would be my motivation (both needles and rope bondage are good examples of this).

So, i've come to the conclusion that as far as piercing *me* goes (irregardless of whether its permanent or temporary) endurance is my biggest motivator - without a doubt there is something extremely intimate, (almost spiritual) about demonstrating the strength of will to overcome intense physical sensation.

i can certainly empathise with the elation those enduring some forms of physical "rites of passage" must experience.

That's all for now.....


Edited Wed 26 Dec 07, 1:12 PM by lili

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