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BBB and the Rope Bondage Peer Workshop

Posted by lili on Mon 17 Jan 05, 7:30 PM

Tags: rope_work

150 miles round trip in a car full of giggling girls - i can't imagine a worst fate for a Dominant man :-D Tanos, bless him, stood up to the challenge remarkably well.

Seriously though, the BBB was great fun. Us girls thoroughly enjoyed the fashion show and although i'm not too sure that fashion shows are Tanos's "thing" he was happy to let us do the "girly shopping thing" around a good mix of fetish wear, equipment and, well, all sorts of pervy-stuff on the stalls scattered over 2 floors of the venue. Best still it was really great to catch up with friends old and new.

Best of all (for me at least) was the Rope Bondage Peer workshop held at Caesars in the evening. This was the third workshop organised and i have to say was an absolutely fantastic event. Infact, if ever anyone needs a reminder of what the "scene" is supposed to be all about well this would be it!

No bitching, no bickering and not a prima-donna to be seen just a great mix of people sharing ideas, experience, knowledge and a general appreciation of the beauty of rope bondage. Encouragement and praise was the order of the day and everyone happy to lend a hand be it advice, ideas or muscle (mainly in lifting various people into and out of some truely inspirational suspension creations).

There was one point in the night where literally everywhere i looked there was someone either being tied into or running around already in some kind of rope-work. Oh - and i got to spend a couple of hours tying up a pretty girl - what more could a girl ask for? ;-)

i can say with my hand on my heart that if you like rope bondage then you will love this!

Thanks to Douglas for a great idea, and to all those attending - for reminding me of how great the scene can be!

(i'm told that there will be pictures available soon at )


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