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The most fun you can have with string....

Posted by lili on Wed 2 Mar 05, 10:15 PM

Tags: rope_work

(Well not string exactly).

After alot of time and fun doing rope work in the past, i finally got around to doing some partial and full suspension rope work at a pretty cool party last Saturday.

i'll be the first to admit that my main reason for doing rope work is the aesthetics - in many ways creating something beautiful by binding someone (beautiful) in ropes is something of a creative outlet for me. For me creating rope work is akin to ritual.

So there i was busily creating and was amazed to see the effect that suspending (even partially suspending) a blindfolded person can have.

Don't get me wrong, i'm not naive about bondage. i've done quite alot of (albeit non-suspension) rope work and witnessed, as well as encouraged, the effects bondage can have on people. Hell, i've experienced it enough times myself. What i didn't expect was the profound and very erotic effect that being suspended had on my blindfolded subjects.

i've wanted to do suspension work for a long time, mostly because it seems to offer a more intellectual challenge to rope work, but now i want to do it for another reason too. Now i want to recreate the effects and feeling i witnessed in the people i bound, that was something very special.

So my thanks go to the lovely girls who fell "victim" to my ropes on saturday - thank you, you were wonderful.

lili x

Edited Wed 26 Dec 07, 1:15 PM by lili

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