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London, Constantine and great shopping

Posted by lili on Tue 22 Mar 05, 8:12 PM

Having had a pretty busy schedule for the past few weeks Tanos and i "got away from it all" in London this weekend.

We set off for the train early Saturday morning and managed to talk pretty much non stop from Manchester to London. It never fails to amaze me how much we have in common and i always feel somewhat privileged to have the kind of relationship where i still can't get enough of Tanos (even after 5 years).

Sometimes life can get pretty hectic, its just nice to take time out, slow things down and just enjoy good company and clever conversation and being on a half empty train really lends itself to that kind of thing ;)

So having reached London well before lunchtime, we dropped off our bags and headed for the shops. We started out with Zeitgeist, Fetters pleasures then House of Harlot. Lunchtime saw us in Camden for Breathless and FairyGothMother. Quick lunch sat on the canal side (it was very sunny) before we headed back to Old Compton Street (near the Admiral Duncan pub) for Paradiso.

Late afternoon Tanos agreed to let me loose in the National Gallery. However, we got to Trafalgar square to find it packed full of anti-war demonstrators (including a 9 foot, orange skeleton figure).

Given the sunshine and the beating drums the whole thing had a somewhat carnival feeling about it.

We finished a very packed day watching Constantine at the Odeon in Leicester Square. i've still not made my mind up about the film, but its kind of growing on me the more i think about it. i still can't help feeling that the sequel will be where the story really starts though.

Sunday saw us (finally) taking things easy, with a long lie in and a "lazy" stroll around London and Greenwich. Lots of great opportunities for photographs, including the observatory, Cutty Sark and the weirdest set of buildings i've ever seen! All told it was a great weekend (all i need now is another "quiet" weekend to get over it ;) )


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