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Manchester Pride 2005

Posted by lili on Sat 3 Sep 05, 11:32 PM

2005 was a year for firsts.

Although Tanos and i usually make the effort to see the Pride Parade every year, this year is the first time i've actually gotten around to attending Pride's "Women's Space". It's also the first year that Women who do SM with Women have actually been invited into women's space (and by all accounts it was a mightly leap forward after years of disapproval)!

So SMDykes Manchester took up the offer and put up a stall and our very own Rosie Lugosi entertained the crowd in her usual, unique and very kinky fashion.

i guess the weirdest part of the day for me was the part where she asked if there were any bisexuals in the audience - right before the song "Callous Bi" (set, if you can imagine, to Roxy Music's "Jealous Guy") and i found myself the only one in the audience with my hand proudly raised (and no one is going to convince me i was the only bi in the house.) Well, i hope to rectify that by the end of next year and will be busy promoting "Bi-Pride" in the meantime (and no, i'm not greedy, infact i'm rather choosey.)

It was all good fun and wonderful to see the standing ovation for Rosie resulting in an encore.

On the downside, the first week following Pride saw the release of a consultation paper by the British Government which has resulted in alot of discussions (including on Informed Consent's Activism Boards) about how we as a community can and should approach this new threat to our civil liberties

So it seems that as progress is made in one part of our world, it is hindered in another. i guess how we intend to respond to each may well be a defining moment for all of us.


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