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Zentai-ism and the loss of egocentric emotion

Posted by lili on Sun 2 Oct 05, 6:27 PM

Tags: enslavement

Sometime i find humility hard, humiliation even harder. By humiliation i do not mean the verbal humiliation brought about through name calling (i have never been required to endure that.) Nor the embarrassing humiliation of a more physical nature (though i have, on occasions, been required to do that! ;-))

The humiliation i'm refering to probably wouldn't be seen as humiliating by many people. It isn't something that i always feel, and it isn't brought about by any one specific act or demand. Sometimes, i suspect, it has more to do with my emotional state and my occasional "egocentricity". At these times i struggle to attain the hightened level of humility such situations demand.

Perhaps not suprisingly at such times i find hoods and blindfolds helpful, particularly in helping me shift my state of mind from egocentric to humble. Perhaps not suprising because i often use a similar technique (by closing my eyes or darkening a room) when i am meditating or visualising.

Having explained all of this i'll get to the real issue at hand - Zentai-ism

OK, so it isn't actually an "ism" but maybe it really should be in my opinion at least ;-)

For those of you who still don't know what the heck i'm on about - i'm talking about Zentai suits (that's me in the picture wearing my first one - and it's amazing!)

Not only did it knock me straight into a "me but not me" state of mind but my emotional state slipped almost instantly into one of humility, so much so that the first time i wore it i didn't even speak.

Being transformed into a "faceless object" is something i feared i would find extremely difficult (the face, afterall, embodies so much of the person and personality) but it was not at all unpleasant, infact i found it almost therapeutic, To become something simple, almost 2 dimensional, without face, without words, without concerns, fears or emotions was a wonderful experience.

It may not be for everyone, but i'd certainly recommend trying one, particularly if you, like me, sometimes struggle with egocentricity when humility is much prefered.

(Its also a great way to wear a "hood" and yet still be able to see, hear and breathe normally.)

lili x

Edited Fri 17 Feb 06, 7:39 AM by lili

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