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Narnia - sometimes it's hard being Jonathon Ross

Posted by lili on Sun 11 Dec 05, 4:08 PM

Having read the chronicles of Narnia as a child i was intent on going to see the film "Narnia: The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe" this weekend (well, that and the fact it has Tilda Swinton cast as the White Witch" ;-))

But oh, woe is me - what a disappointment! Not even the lovely Ms Swinton could make up for it.

Sure some of the special effects were superb, but as Jonathon Ross so rightly points out "up to the mark effects sit alongside costumes and masks that smack of television budgets" and why, why why did they give the talking Beever a cockney accent?!

Between the weird costuming (thought i was watching the "white witch of notre dam" at one point) and the miscasting (for example, the supposedly sinister dwarf who actually looked remarkably like one of the umpa-lumpas from the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie) - the whole thing fell way wide of the mark.

It was so cringingly embarrassing i think i actually apologised to Tanos for asking him to come with me!

Still there's always King Kong to look forward to next week :-)

OK, rant over .....

lili x

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