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Polygynous Enslavement

This piece was written in February 2001 and originally posted to my old weblog on

At one end, "Jacobean TPE" (for want of a better name) argues that it's impossible to pursue multiple simultaneous M/s relationships and that any "genuinely dominant man" instinctively knows this.

At the other end, the Obey-or-Leave school of thought believes that acknowledging any limitation on what a Master can do means the submissive isn't a slave. Hence, if the Master wants polygyny and the slave can't cope with that, then it's her problem.

Personally, I try to take to a pragmatic view of things, and to look at the practical consequences of, say, a Master trying to own two slaves at the same time. In particular, what obstacles does this present to the whole Enslavement process?

And I think the main one is: how does a Master maintain the trust that is essential to gaining access to the slave's Self, if he has another slave which she perceives as a possible substitute? So my feeling is rather like the Koran's statement on wives, which is roughly that yes you can have four, but only if you can treat them all equally (and you will lose them if you don't.) What to substitute for the word "equally" in the case of slaves, is the question I want to address here.

Evolutionary Psychology gives some clues about all of this. Indeed, there is a "smoking gun" implicit in the approximate patterns of jealousy shown by the two sexes: women tend to be jealous of rivals for their man's emotions; men tend also to be jealous due to sexual acts themselves.

If you think about this in terms of reproductive success, then a possible explanation becomes clear: once they've "paired off", men and women tend to invest the same amount of effort in supporting and/or caring for their offspring. In doing this, a woman is necessarily helping copies of her own genes to survive (ie in the children), but a man is only doing this if they really are his children (ie that he hasn't been "cuckolded".)

This would suggest that men should be instinctively more concerned about their "woman" having sex with other men. Whereas, for women, the only danger in their "man" having relations with other women is that he will begin to divert resources into supporting them too, or even that she will lose him completely (and have to support her offspring alone.)

Furthermore, it benefits his gene's chance of survival if he does have other relationships, especially if he can get any resulting children supported "for free" by some other unwitting dupe. (Whereas if she does this and is caught, then she risks being deserted and being unable to bring up the children alone.)

So the above arguments suggest that there is a strong, instinctive basis to these feelings of jealousy in women as far as non-casual relationships go. The relationships we're talking about here are very much that type, so it should be no suprise that very many people attemping to pursue polygynous enslavement would face this problem.

(Of course, I want to stress how much of a broad brush all of this is. Naturally, there are going to be exceptions. It may even be the case that M/s people are just so unusual none of the above applies ;)

How could a Master deal with this? I think that depends on what counts for "support" in the relationship. Are we talking about physical resources, attention, or love? If the slave isn't secure that she will receive as much as she needs, then she will begin to "close", start to erect barriers, and withdraw from the whole Enslavement process.

I'm quite sceptical that many Masters have enough resources (especially of time) to successfully maintain more than one woman in enslavement, but I don't see that it's absolutely impossible in favourable circumstances.

Last updated 12 June 2001.

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